03/05/2020 – PSA/ GradedGem Re-opening

PSA are now accepting submissions, this means we can re-open for submissions too and have built in 3 deadlines into the month of May to keep cards going off to PSA – 8th / 15th & 29th.

On orders at PSA this means orders will start to move, how quickly we are unsure but as with any new submissions delays are likely. 

We’ll be doing our best to get submissions out to PSA as soon as possible and also returns back from PSA and to you. 

Please watch the video above and if you have any specific questions do not hesitate to contact us!


17/04/2020 – PSA Slowly reopening

Some of you may have heard PSA are slowly opening their operations and currently have a skeleton staff operating.

Unfortunately our account manager has let us know it’s not possible to re-open our operations just yet but hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

Please stay patient with this entire process ourselves and PSA will be just as eager to re-open as submitter’s.


Service Wide Submission Updates.

First of all, we want to say we hope you’re all well and keeping safe during this pandemic.

PSA is closed until further notice, as they comply with Executive Orders issued by the respective governors of California and New Jersey. We can all agree that public health is the most important thing to consider at this current time.

This means that here at GradedGem, we’ve both had to carefully think through what our next steps are, as all orders at PSA should be considered frozen for the time being.

Anybody with orders currently at PSA:

This information is for anybody with orders currently at PSA, we hope that you understand all current orders are frozen and will have no progress until PSA resume service, and due to the potential backlog of orders, we can’t guarantee turnaround times for any of the orders. This includes every single submission that has not yet been returned to our submitters.

The 45 working day turnaround time should now only be considered as the service inputted onto PSA’s system. GradedGem anticipates that unfortunately, further delays will happen to all orders at PSA due to submissions sitting at PSA as well as the increased volume of submissions that will cause disruption. We are not guaranteeing any specific turnaround time/dates for any orders currently at PSA, due to this.

We do want to let you know that we have frozen payment plans, meaning that until PSA resumes service, we require no further payments.

Anybody with cards at GradedGem:

To all submitters that have cards with us, we’re happy to offer two options:

Number one: Keep your cards safe here at GradedGem until PSA re-open, and submit your cards at the earliest date using the GradedGem Grading Service. We will keep your cards safe, secure, organized and ready to be submitted. Any cards that are with us currently, that have no order or outstanding payments, please consider these payments frozen until PSA resume service.

Our next anticipated deadline has been moved to the 30th of April, however, PSA has assigned no due-date for return to business, as obviously this is mandated by the state authorities of California and New Jersey.

After this point, the deadline will be moved back 15 days at a time, if necessary, so when PSA does eventually re-open, we will be able to submit your cards/orders over to PSA in a reasonable timescale.

Number two: If you’d like your cards returned, we can also provide this, however, we will ask that you cover the return postage cost.

Anybody that wants to submit their cards:

We will no longer be accepting any submissions in the efforts to keep everybody safe in the current situation. We will release an update when we return to accepting submissions, and we will make sure that we post it amongst all our social channels as well as our website so that we can let all submitters know.


We whole-heartedly believe PSA will be back up-and-running and accepting card submissions, and by the strategy that we have put in place here at GradedGem, we believe that we’ve covered all bases to be able to help you in your collecting and grading journey.

We will be continuing to post content on the GradedGem YouTube channel, from PSA returns to takeover Thursdays, and some brand new content for you all to hopefully enjoy!

If you do have any further questions or queries, please find our contact details below –
1. Email Connor@gradedgem.com
2. https://www.facebook.com/gradedgem
3. https://www.instagram.com/gradedgem/

Stay safe, keep your social distance when possible.

Prevention of transmission is the safest thing we can all do right now.

Thank you all,