Frequently Asked Questions

Why send with GradedGem?

GradedGem has been built around trust, speed, and cost. Save on membership, save on the hassle, save on the time to submit and ultimately save money. GradedGem are experienced PSA submitters and we have consistently beaten expectations as to what to expect from a PSA Grading Service.
The transparency of our service cannot be matched anywhere else with YouTube videos, Email updates, and 24-hour promise on contact.

How do I order?

New Sender –

Before sending please contact us either via Email, Messenger or Instagram.
You will then be advised to send your cards to us with your name and email address included inside the package.
Once your cards have arrived they will go through pre-grading and we will advise on grades.
You will then be advised what to order from ourselves and the process will begin.

Returning Sender –

Please send to us before selecting the applicable grading service.
Write within the package your Account Email (or information identifiable to you) so we can identify your cards.
We shall then pre-grade your cards and you can choose the appropriate services.

Where do I send my submission?

Get your cards packed up and protected in sleeves, toploaders or CardSaver1s within a bubble mailer/ shipping box, it is advised to make sure cards cannot move within the parcel to avoid damage.
Once this is done you will need to send off your cards to me at this address – (Please send tracked.)

Connor Davis/ GradedGem (Both or either)

Storagebase 1 Ltd

7 The IO Centre

Jugglers Close

Banbury, Oxfordshire

OX16 3TA 

Should I send card information with my submission?

You are welcome to send in card information voluntarily however as part of the service this is not required.
I am a seasoned card collector and either know the cards you are sending or have the means to find the information.
If by chance I cannot identify your card/s I will contact you, but one of the time-saving features of this service is you do not need to spend a vasts amount of time, detailing cards for me.

Important To Note – any cards that are wrongly labeled are sent back to PSA at my own cost.

How often do you send in?

The deadline for cards to reach us is the last day of each month.
Specials have their own deadlines and work on a quarterly basis.

How long after deadline does it take for PSA to receive my cards?

We attempt to turnaround as quickly as possible, but we set a standard of 5 working days to do internal logging and sorting, your submission is then sent with FedEx one day Express Delivery to PSA.

How long till I get my graded cards back?

We estimate around 45 workings days/ 6 & half weeks, however, this is not guaranteed, it could be quicker or slower but you will be informed of every step of the progress of your cards.

What are Value Charges?

 PSA charge additionally for cards that have a higher value after grading.

So for cards above the value of £200- £600 PSA will require an additional £7. Cards for the value £601 – £1750 will be charged an additional £58.00. Cards for the value £1751- £4500 will require £160.00.

You can either choose to pay these charges after pre-grading (or via payment plan) and create yourself a ‘buffer’ or wait for PSA to charge us and we shall then pass this cost onto yourself.

We want to make this process as simple as possible for all and always available for contact for questions/ concerns. We have charged as close to cost as possible (minus currency fluctuation protection).

Are my cards insured?

Every card submitted is insured for £20 value, to make up any difference in value additional insurance packages of £500 can also be purchased. Important to Note – The amount of insurance must be reflective of the value of the cards submitted.

As an example:
Sending 10 cards, 5 are valued at £10 and 5 valued at £30, this is a total valuation of £200 – your submission would be fully insured. 
Sending 10 cards, 5 are valued at £50 and 5 valued at £25, this is a total valuation of £375 you would be £175 short of full coverage and must decide whether to purchase an additional insurance package.

Insurance is valid between GradedGem and PSA and then PSA back to GradedGem, if you would like your parcel fully insured when returned to you, please contact us below and we can work out costings.

You do not need to fully insure your collectibles to have them sent via GradedGem, using FedEx Express Delivery from and to PSA limits risk exposure and we have never had an incident at GradedGem were insurance needed to be enacted. It is the personal preference of the submitter.

How do you ensure you never mix cards?

If the same cards are submitted by different customers, we are very careful to keep submitters cards separate during the submission process. Our system makes it impossible for cards to be mixed, separate PSA orders and noting of PSA submission lines ensure the card you submit, will be the card returned to you.

Do you Pregrade my cards? And does it cost?

Pregrading is done once your cards are received here by us at GradedGem. 

We do not charge for pre-grading and we do not believe grading services should, as a submitter you are paying PSA for their professional opinion.

If you do not want a card graded due to pre-grade, please just notify us of this, you can then choose to either have it sent back with your returns or pay the return postage fee for an immediate return.

Please see PSA Grading standards here – PSA Card

We can also recommend this article at – PSACollector

What cards can GradedGem Grade?

Any trading cards PSA grade, we can grade. If you are sending cards that are not Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh! we would suggest sending us card detailing so we can label your card correctly.

When will I be emailed about my cards?

At 5 points:
When we send the cards and can confirm the tracking number,
When they are logged by PSA (turnaround countdown begins),
When they have been graded, at this point you may request your grades via email,
When they have been shipped back to you.

Please remember at any time you can contact us about your order, just we make sure to email you at critical stages of your submission.

Payment Plans

Payment plans have now been added to GradedGem to make it even more affordable to grade your TCG cards.

They work with all payment gateways and are accessible in your account.

Once an order is placed using Payment Plans you will pay your initial deposit and then your plan will become available in your account.

You can pay these at any time, they just all need to be paid before we can ship your return back to you.

Payment plans do not have a charge, do not affect the quality of your service and the only requirement for their usage is that they are paid in within a reasonable time.

If PSA returns a submission early you will be contacted, but there is still no obligation for you to pay earlier.


Your cards will also be on YouTube, one video documenting submission and another for the returns this allows you to document the full turnaround and show off your trading cards. Best of luck with your Grades!

If you have an Instagram, eBay or any other social media account you want to be shared on the video please do let us know.

Is the price per card, or per 1-9 cards?

The price is on a per-card basis.

One card submitted would be in the 1-9 cards bracket of £10.49 per card, therefore costing £10.49 total.
3 cards submitted would be in the same bracket, so would cost 3 * £10.49 = £31.47 total.

European Submitters & Brexit?

The Brexit withdrawal agreement negotiated between the UK & EU looks increasingly likely to happen. For now, all trade between the EU & UK will work exactly as previously years until 31st December 2020.

This mean’s it will have no impact on our service until later in the year when an outlook of the future relationship between the EU & UK should become clear.

So no need to hesitate, Submit your cards!