Terms and Conditions


It is the submitter’s full responsibility to safely get cards to GradedGem.

All parcels/packages must include at minimum a full name and contact email address. If the submitter would like an Instagram shout out on the submission and return’s videos, this needs to be included on the note inside of the parcel. We will hold cards without any contact information inside until submitter reaches out with proof of ownership (stating which cards were submitted, or by tracking number). This could cause delays to the submission of cards without contact information.

“Submission deadline” refers to the cutoff date for accepting parcels for that submission. Any received later will be placed in the following submission bracket.

Pregrades (if opted for) will be given on or before “submission deadline”.

Submissions are organised and sorted as a single submitter per order basis. If you wish to send cards with other people, you must assure there are no duplications of cards between different people in your submission. All cards will be treated as owned by the person who makes the order. This also applies to submission and return videos, where all cards in that submission will be shown off as the original submitter’s cards. This is to ensure all submitters receive the exact cards they submitted back upon return.


We advise that order creation for the correct number of cards takes place within 5 working days after the “submission deadline”.

Communication on any cards that the submitter does not wish to send needs to happen before this, so we can remove those cards from the submission. If there is no communication about cards to not send, GradedGem will assume all cards shall be sent, and the submitter will be responsible for this.

We will not charge additional fees for late payments; however, cards will not be returned until payment in full is completed. GradedGem holds the right to withhold any submitter from use of Payment Plan options if abused.

Payment Plans are offered at the same cost as paying in full, and payments can be paid at any time during the grading process (however reminder emails will be sent, they are not enforced).

Pregrading is free however any cards wished to be immediately returned will incur their postage cost. If an order is made before pregrades, and the submitter wishes to be refunded for any number of cards they wish not to send to PSA, the submitter will be responsible for the transaction fee incurred by this refund.



Items sent to PSA, and being returned from PSA, are insured for a max value per parcel of up to £75,000. GradedGem, to their best efforts, will ensure parcels are always under this maximum declared value.

This provides cover for theft, loss or damage of the items including full or partial stolen goods, items going missing and damages such as accidental damage, impact, fire, water damage etc. All items are sent by, and received via, FedEx Express.

Items are insured for ungraded value on their way to PSA, and for their graded value upon return from PSA (up to the max value per parcel.)


Upon any potential claim, market price is used via eBay sold listings, if no sold listings, then it would be required for the submitter to have a receipt of their purchase to prove value.

Value Charges:

Value Charges are only applicable if raised by PSA Card, as per their terms and conditions.

Value charges will not be payable to GradedGem if a card is of a higher value, but not charged by PSA.

The submitter will be responsible for any value charges their cards attain, GradedGem will pay these charges immediately as to get PSA return’s as quickly as possible, however the submitter will have to pay these charges before graded cards are returned to submitter.

Value charges breakdown:
Value once graded ~£200-£500 – Additional charge of £7
Value once graded ~£501-1500 – Additional charge of £58
Value once graded ~£1501-4000 – Additional charge of £160

Service Level:

GradedGem is not responsible for delays to service due to any external factors that influence PSA’s turnaround times. GradedGem, to its best efforts, will submit and return cards to PSA and submitters in a reasonable timescale. GradedGem operates with a 45 working day service level, this is how your cards will be inputted to PSA, however there is no guarantee on this turnaround time.

What is GradedGem?

GradedGem is an official PSA Dealer as outlined: https://www.psacard.com/dealers/detail/graded-gem/3284

GradedGem offers the organising of PSA Grading with PSA Card / Collector’s Universe, the service operating from California, US.

As an intermediary for PSA services, GradedGem does not supply the service of PSA Grading and only serves as an agent arranging and facilitating the supply of service with PSA Card for all submitters.

GradedGem reserves the right to refuse any submitter.